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vibraphone, vocals, bongos, composer/arranger
Blue sunrise (pdf)
La maîtresse (pdf)
Majorette's delight (pdf)
The booze rush (pdf)
The same (pdf)
Photo © Jacky Lepage
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Dirk Schreurs

The void (pdf)
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Jack Sels
saxophone, composer/arranger
For you my love (pdf)
I'm so scared of girls when they're good looking (pdf) | Audio 1 | Audio 2 (YouTube)
On stage (pdf)
Rain on the Grand Place (pdf)
You just hit the one you say you love (pdf) (+ F. Boland's version)
You've changed my life completely (pdf)

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Ben Sluijs
saxophones, flute

More sheet music

Little Paris (pdf) Audio (Soundcloud)
Still (pdf)
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