About Jazz Tunes Belgium

Musicians, music students, teachers and researchers, music lovers in general, this site is meant for you.

It offers a large collection of sheet music of works written by modern jazz composers from Belgium. A small country, indeed, but which always produced a large amount of jazz musicians.
More specifically, the site focuses on music written and recorded by Belgian composers after World War II and encompasses several generations, from historical figures such as René Thomas, Bobby Jaspar, Toots Thielemans, Sadi, Jack Sels, Paolo Radoni, etc..., current established names such as Philip Catherine, Bert Joris, Ivan Paduart, Michel Herr, Diederik Wissels, Frank Vaganée, Nathalie Loriers, Peter Hertmans, Charles Loos, etc... to contemporary musicians from the youngest generations.
All the composers featured in the site have recorded several original compositions on their albums, mostly as leaders.

Jazz Tunes Belgium doesn't have any commercial intent. It constitutes a unique resource for musical and educational purposes.

All tunes are in the form of lead sheets (pdf). For many of them, an external audio or video link is provided, so that you can hear what the music sounds like (some sites require that you create an account, install Flash Player).

Looking for something ?
     - The Sheet Music page offers an alphabetical index by composer.
     - The Google search will be a useful tool, too, as it allows searching for a title, a composer, etc... in all the contents of the site.

This site is a work in progress. New material and updates will be added on a regular basis. Check the News section.

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